What the farmers are demonstrating against

What is a peasant demonstration?

A peasant demonstration is a form of protest in which farmers march to the seat of the local government, usually to demand better economic conditions.

The term “farmer” is a general term for farmers and agricultural workers, peasant demonstrations are most common in developing countries where there is a large rural population. But peasant protests also take place every year in the industrialized nations of Europe such as France and Germany.

How and where do farmers’ demonstrations take place?

Farmers are always looking for new ways to draw attention to their profession, and demonstrations like in Germany are often a way to do so. Demonstrations usually consist of people driving around or walking around with an agricultural machine, sometimes without equipment, but in job-specific clothing and with posters.

They attract a lot of attention with the tractor corsos that they organize through large cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. In such a case, the demonstration takes place close to the political events of the capital and in the personal living environment of millions of people.t

What are the farmers demonstrating against?

Farmers demonstrate against high gasoline prices, environmental regulations and the power of large corporations. Both in purchasing and on the customer side, farmers are faced with corporations with enormous market power. Farmers are also using the demonstrations to protest against a sharp increase in competition from abroad. Low food prices, exaggerated social demands and the death of farms are also particularly frequently addressed.

The aim of the farmers’ demonstrations is to show consumers and politicians the importance of agriculture and the problems associated with it. Farmers feel that they are not being heard by their representatives, and they want to raise awareness of their daily struggles.