What is DemoListe.de’s position?

Demoliste is a purely technical project. We are committed to democracy and the legal system. That’s why we decided to develop a general-purpose demo calendar.

This demo calendar is neutral

Freedom of expression and demonstration is a very valuable asset in any intact democracy. To live the right to demonstrate, citizens must have easy access to events and organizers. The federal system is not able to provide a central point of contact for demonstrators due to the structure of the regulatory authorities. At the same time, the media and federal authorities are now only able to respond to the large number of democratic assemblies and rallies to a limited extent.

Public expression of opinion can therefore only be exercised if informational hurdles can be overcome. But not every citizen can overcome these hurdles! Demoliste.de therefore provides this technical platform for demonstrations. Every organizer of a demo and every citizen can register demonstrations here.

The examination and activation takes place without ideological assessment of the concern and is mainly carried out on a voluntary basis. We make a conscious effort not to incorporate our own positions and views into this platform. Or to put it in the words of the Basic Law, Article 5.1: “Censorship does not take place”

For legal reasons, of course, an examination is carried out to determine whether calls for criminal offences, incitement to hatred or violations of privacy or data protection law are included in the announcement. Because a legal vacuum cannot, by definition, be a democratic platform.

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