Security aspects of demonstrations and rallies

How do you protect yourself and others to ensure the safety of all participants?

Dear readers of, it is very important to us to inform you comprehensively and well-founded about security aspects at demonstrations and rallies. Our mission is to promote the democratic participation of all citizens and to motivate people to protest. That’s why we want to send you well informed and well prepared on the street.

In this guide, we offer you detailed tips and background information on various security aspects of demonstrations and rallies.

Security at demonstrations

Inform yourself in advance

Good preparation is the be-all and end-all for safe participation in demonstrations and rallies. Therefore, inform yourself in advance about the organizers and their goals to make sure that you share their views. Know the route of the demo so that you can find your way around and avoid possible danger areas. Also deal with the applicable laws and regulations for assemblies to avoid legal difficulties and to be able to help other participants with uncertainties.

Communicate with other participants

Communication with other participants is an important aspect of security during demonstrations. Go to the demo with friends, family or acquaintances or join a group there to support each other and take better care of each other. Discuss in advance where you meet and what you do if you get lost or there are problems. So you can react faster and remain able to act.

Pay attention to clothing and equipment

The right clothing and equipment are crucial for personal well-being and safety during a demonstration. Make sure your clothes are appropriate for the weather and that you wear comfortable, sturdy shoes. So you are prepared for long marches and possible weather changes. Wear mouth and nose protection and possibly goggles to protect yourself from tear gas, dust or liquids. Bring whistles, banners and posters to express your opinion and draw attention to grievances. Make sure the messages are nonviolent and respectful.

Keep a safe distance

An appropriate safety distance contributes significantly to the avoidance of confrontations and escalations. Therefore, keep your distance from police and counter-demonstrators. Also, pay attention to the elderly, children and people with disabilities, and keep enough distance so that they feel safe and comfortable.

Behave non-violently and respectfully

Non-violent and respectful behavior is crucial for a successful demonstration. Rely on peaceful communication and non-violent forms of protest to avoid conflicts and promote a positive perception of the demonstration. Show solidarity with your fellow demonstrators and support them when needed. Open dialogue and respectful interaction strengthen the sense of community and promote the joint success of the campaign.

Pay attention to your personal data

In times of social media, it is important to pay attention to your personal data and privacy. Be aware that photos and videos of you may end up on social media. Avoid photographing or filming other participants without their consent. Protect your privacy by using pseudonyms and anonymizing your social media profiles as much as possible.

First aid and medical care

It is always good to keep your first aid skills up to date in order to be able to help quickly and effectively in an emergency. Also, find out the location of paramedics and emergency exits so you can act quickly in an emergency.

In case of arrests and legal problems

Knowledge of one’s own rights and the correct behavior in case of arrests or legal problems are also important security aspects. Have the contact details of a lawyer or legal aid group ready. If you are arrested, keep calm and do not make statements without the presence of your lawyer.

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