Preparing for a Demonstration: Tips and Tricks

What should you bring, how do you dress properly and how do you mentally prepare for a demonstration?

Dear readers, today we would like to give you a comprehensive guide to prepare for demonstrations and rallies. The goal is to reduce uncertainties and prepare yourself in the best possible way for Day X so that you can participate confidently and safely in a democratic action. We would also like to invite you to enter your protest movements, demos and actions in our demo calendar, so that more people can become active together with you.

Tips for preparing for a demonstration

Inform yourself in advance

Before you participate in a demo, read up on the background, organizers and goals of the event. This way you can better assess whether you want to support the protest movement and identify with its goals.

Clothing and equipment

Wear comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing. Make sure your clothing doesn’t contain any political or provocative symbols that could attract unwanted attention. Here are some key points:

  • Comfortable shoes: You will walk and stand a lot. Make sure your shoes fit well and are worn in.
  • Weatherproof clothing: Find out about the weather and dress accordingly. Rain protection and warming layers are important.
  • Backpack: Take a light backpack with you to carry drinks, snacks, a change of clothes and possibly a seat pad.

Food and hygiene

Bring plenty of water and snacks to be supplied throughout the day. Also keep in mind that there may be long waiting times for toilets at large events. Therefore, it is advisable to pack wet wipes and disinfectants.

Communication and Security

  • Mobile: Take your phone with you to call for help in an emergency or to exchange ideas with friends and acquaintances during the demo.
  • Emergency numbers: Save the numbers of lawyers or aid organizations to your phone if you need them.
  • Stay with friends: Try to meet up with friends or acquaintances during the demo to stay safer together.
  • Follow the instructions of the folders: Listen to the instructions of the folders and pay attention to announcements to be informed and safe at all times.

Prepare mentally

  • Find out about the rights of protesters and the legal framework.
  • Be prepared for emotional moments. Stay calm and level-headed to avoid conflict.
  • Remember that you are part of a democratic movement and that your voice is important. Don’t get discouraged and enjoy the sense of community.

Document the event

If you want, you can document the demonstration or rally with your smartphone or camera. However, be careful not to respect the privacy of other participants and not to take pictures without their consent. Share your impressions and experiences on social media to inspire other people and give them the opportunity to get an idea of the event.


Reflect on your experiences and impressions after the event. How did you feel? What moved you in particular? Have you made new contacts or had interesting conversations? This helps you to process what you have experienced and to develop your own opinion.


Good preparation is the be-all and end-all to participate safely and confidently in demonstrations and rallies. With these tips and tricks, you are well equipped to actively and responsibly shape your democratic participation.

And don’t forget: If you’re organizing a demo or rally yourself, or if you know of one that’s not yet on our demo calendar, don’t hesitate to add it. Together we strengthen democratic participation and promote a vibrant culture of protest in our society.

In this sense: Be loud, be brave and be part of the change!