How do I find demonstrations?

Finding demonstrations is not always easy. Some demonstrations are widely announced, even in the mass media. However, the majority of all demonstrations only reach a narrow circle and are therefore noticed by the average citizen at best by chance, because the elevator passes him or there are closures.

The search for demonstrations on the Internet is difficult because organizers deal intensively with their niche, but remain in their own bubble.

How committed citizens find suitable demonstrations

  1. Find organizations that address your concerns. You will find local organizations in the search engines more easily than future demonstrations.
  2. Check the websites of these organisations for calendars, announcements and the like. The larger the organization, the more promising this approach is.
  3. Many demonstrations have several organizers. Also have a look at the websites of the smaller organizers and supporters. There you will often find regular and smaller protests such as sign actions or flash mobs.
  4. Remember which organizations in your area regularly register demonstrations.
  5. Subscribe to newsletters of various demonstration organizers. In the future, you will automatically find out when something is happening in your counterpart.

Help others find demonstrations

Becoming active without being an activist

Not every demonstrator feels called to organize their own demonstrations. Maybe you just want to express your opinion by going to demonstrations, by using the organizers and other demonstrators to sensitize all your fellow citizens to a topic.

Help the initiatives – report demonstrations online

You can do something else to help initiatives worth supporting: Enter demonstrations, vigils and other protest actions on and other demo calendars. Demo calendars make it easier for citizens to find what they are looking for. It also creates a comprehensive picture of (fragmented) civil society.

By the way, the great advantage of is that we

  • take up all topics and actions (which are in line with the democratic-liberal basic order of Europe),
  • announce the demonstrations and protests in two languages (we translate each entry ourselves from German to English or from English to German),
  • our entries are supra-regional in every respect.

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