Nonviolence: The Power of Peaceful Protest

How do you remain non-violent and still send a strong signal for your own cause? At a time when we keep hearing about unrest, escalation and violence at demonstrations, it is all the more important to remember the power of nonviolent protest. History has shown us that peaceful rallies and actions can change society for … Read more

The Right of Assembly in Europe: Significance for Protest Movements

The right of assembly is an essential part of democracy and freedom of expression, allowing engaged citizens to express their opinions and beliefs publicly and to assemble peacefully. In this article, we give an overview of the right of assembly in Europe and shed light on its significance for protest movements. Introduction to the right … Read more

Security aspects of demonstrations and rallies

How do you protect yourself and others to ensure the safety of all participants? Dear readers of, it is very important to us to inform you comprehensively and well-founded about security aspects at demonstrations and rallies. Our mission is to promote the democratic participation of all citizens and to motivate people to protest. That’s … Read more

Cohesion and solidarity in protest movements – The key to success

The importance of solidarity and cohesion for successful protests and how to promote them. Dear readers of, we know that participation in demonstrations and rallies is an important aspect of democratic participation. Therefore, we would like to support you with advice contributions to clear up any uncertainties and to motivate you to participate in … Read more

Preparing for a Demonstration: Tips and Tricks

What should you bring, how do you dress properly and how do you mentally prepare for a demonstration? Dear readers, today we would like to give you a comprehensive guide to prepare for demonstrations and rallies. The goal is to reduce uncertainties and prepare yourself in the best possible way for Day X so that … Read more