Small De-Escalation Training

De-escalating the use of provocations and aggression Dear readers of, today we have a special guest post for you. Our author, David, has agreed to share his knowledge with our community. is not only a demo calendar where you can find information about upcoming demonstrations, protests, rallies and events, but also a guide … Read more

The Role of Social Media in Protest

At a time when social media is more in the spotlight than ever, it also plays a crucial role in mobilizing and networking protest movements. This post shows how activists of all movements can effectively use social media to inspire people and bring about change. We look at different platforms, target group-specific approaches and the … Read more

Actions and Performances: Creativity in Protest

At a time when political and social issues are becoming more and more important, it is important to actively participate and express one’s opinion. Creative actions and performances can help draw the public’s attention to your cause and convey your message in a special way. In this guide blog post, we’ll give you some ideas … Read more

The Art of Designing Banners and Posters

In the world of democratic protest actions, demonstrations and rallies, banners and posters are indispensable tools to attract attention and convey a message. In this blog post you will learn how you can design your own banners and posters creatively and meaningfully in order to present your concerns even more successfully. With these tips, you … Read more

Communication during demonstrations: what to do and what to avoid?

Welcome, dear readers of DemoList! In this guide article, we would like to give you important tips and tricks for communication during demonstrations and rallies. After all, our goal is to promote the democratic participation of all citizens and to motivate people to actively engage in their causes. Let’s work together to make our voices … Read more

What is’s position?

Demoliste is a purely technical project. We are committed to democracy and the legal system. That’s why we decided to develop a general-purpose demo calendar. This demo calendar is neutral Freedom of expression and demonstration is a very valuable asset in any intact democracy. To live the right to demonstrate, citizens must have easy access … Read more

How to Promote a Rally or Demonstration

Tips on Effective and Inexpensive Advertising Techniques: use Social Media, use online Demonstration Calendars, create a flyer, network with like-minded people and organization.

What the farmers are demonstrating against

What is a peasant demonstration? A peasant demonstration is a form of protest in which farmers march to the seat of the local government, usually to demand better economic conditions. The term “farmer” is a general term for farmers and agricultural workers, peasant demonstrations are most common in developing countries where there is a large … Read more

How do I find demonstrations?

Finding demonstrations is not always easy. Some demonstrations are widely announced, even in the mass media. However, the majority of all demonstrations only reach a narrow circle and are therefore noticed by the average citizen at best by chance, because the elevator passes him or there are closures. The search for demonstrations on the Internet … Read more