What is DemoListe.de’s position?

Demoliste is a purely technical project. We are committed to democracy and the legal system. That’s why we decided to develop a general-purpose demo calendar. This demo calendar is neutral Freedom of expression and demonstration is a very valuable asset in any intact democracy. To live the right to demonstrate, citizens must have easy access … Read more

How to Promote a Rally or Demonstration

Tips on Effective and Inexpensive Advertising Techniques: use Social Media, use online Demonstration Calendars, create a flyer, network with like-minded people and organization.

What the farmers are demonstrating against

What is a peasant demonstration? A peasant demonstration is a form of protest in which farmers march to the seat of the local government, usually to demand better economic conditions. The term “farmer” is a general term for farmers and agricultural workers, peasant demonstrations are most common in developing countries where there is a large … Read more

How do I find demonstrations?

Finding demonstrations is not always easy. Some demonstrations are widely announced, even in the mass media. However, the majority of all demonstrations only reach a narrow circle and are therefore noticed by the average citizen at best by chance, because the elevator passes him or there are closures. The search for demonstrations on the Internet … Read more