Those who do not dare to stand up for their freedom become fare dodger of our liberal democracy.

Richard von Weizsäcker
Former German Federal President

Demonstration Calendar

The global demonstration calendar aims to be a guide to democratic rallies and gatherings for active citizens. It is not always easy to find like-minded people in the matter who are willing to give weight to their voice publicly.

Demolist supports German and English entries. We translate all entries into both languages. By breaking down the borders between activists from all countries, we want to make the international protest movement recognizable for everyone and strengthen the courage to stand up, open your mouth and take to the streets.

Freeing citizens’ initiatives from the bubble

Often initiatives of citizens turn in their small bubble and do not manage to be perceived in the middle of society. They could serve as an example and stimulate discussion. On, citizens and organizers present current information and protest initiatives. Associations of all kinds can participate and present themselves regionally and globally. is independent and neutral. We do not adopt any initiative or appeal. We do not belong to any party or organization. We hereby serve all those who want to make their opinions and their views heard in an orderly and transparent manner. This also means that all those who feel connected to the democratic basic order are welcome here.

Enter your own and third-party demos and actions

All registration is absolutely free of charge. You can register rallies yourself. The Demoliste team will unlock all listings one by one. Since this also involves a considerable effort, we are happy about any financial support. You don’t have any financial leeway right now? Then please recommend us.


Peace – Freedom – Self-determination - 12. June 2023

Winning the peace – not the war! - 12. June 2023